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How To Disassemble The Nunchuck


In this tutorial you will learn how to disassemble your Nunchuck!

Recommendation- Don't disassemble your nunchuck or any other electronic devices on your bed (or carpet and the related). You run the risk of ESD. ESD is an acronym for Electrostatic Discharge. This can potentially render your nunchuck or whatever useless. Do this on a nice, clean work table.

Tri-wing screwdriver
Small flathead screwdriver

Where to get a Tri-wing Screwdriver-

My tri-wing screwdriver looks like this-

Disassembling the Nunchuck

Step 1-
Finding your Nunchuck:
..It looks like this.

Step 2-
Unscrewing the screws:
There are two screws. So whip out your tri-wing screwdriver and get to twisting!

Step 3-
Taking the top half off-
Just like the wiimote, the nunchuck has 2 clips in the front. You may need to use a flathead to pry a bit, but I didn't have to. I just pulled until it came off. It'll look like this with the top half off-

Step 4-
Taking the PCB out of the bottom half:
The nunchuck internals/PCB come/s right out. Just pull up on the PCB. The wire can be a little tricky to get out. But just keep pulling upwards and wiggling. It'll come out. The analog stick also pops right off. Just pull up on that as well.

Step 5-
Unnecessary disassembling:
In this step, you're basically messing with the c/z buttons. I'm talking about this- (It comes off the PCB with ease... just 2 clips you'll need to unclip)

The gray pad thing slides/pulls right out. It'll look like this-

The little PCB also slides/pulls right out. It'll look like this-

And that's it! Completely disassembled!

Extra Information-
If you wish to remove the actual analog stick, desolder the points that are identified by the blue arrows.. and unscrew the 2 screws that are identified by the yellow arrow.

For powering LEDs (Analog Stick LED Mod, C/Z Button LED Mod, Etc) use the following picture-

Have fun!